Lightweight Pedal upgrade

B75 come with a wellgo unfoldable pedal which is quite annoying, the protruding pedal when folded can be a hazard. There are many upgrade options, popular brands for foldable pedal like MKS , Sapience , brandless are generally available on Shopee ranging from $30 to $80. Quick release pedals is also a popular upgrade, the special clip-in design allow quick and easy removal of pedals. I selected foldable Sapience pedal, I like the lightweight and sleek design. it can be easily folded and magnetic locked to keep the pedal from swinging around. It cost me about $70 from shopee with discount coupon, lookout for flash deal you might even get a better price.
The process is pretty straight forward, you will need :

  • 15mm spanner
  • 8mm allen key

To remove the pedal, use 15mm spanner to loosen the pedal. Note: the left (non-chain side) pedal spindle is reverse threaded, you have to turn it clockwise to remove the pedal when facing the crank arm. The right side (chain side) is normal, so turn it anti-clockwise to loosen it.

Before installing the new pedals ,take note the pedals come in a L and R pair. It’s usually indicated on the pedal and you can see there’s a small “L” printed on my Sapience pedal. Once you get the direction right, simply just screw the pedals in. Remember L you have to turn anti-clockwise to install the pedal while R turn clockwise. You will need a 6 or 8mm allen key to hold the pedal while tightening the pedals.