Alternative Saddle for Brompton

The Brooks C17 is aesthetically pleasing on the Brompton giving a very classic english look, but really not the right saddles for me. I really like the Boira Duopower, the no-nose design reducing pressure in the groin area giving a more comfortable long ride, But it’s sold out everywhere.

I ended up going back to Selle Italia, an Italian brand and they make very good saddles primary very popular for road bikers. Wiggle carry a good range of Selle Italia saddles and I found the Novus Boost Superflow at a super good price.

The quality of the saddle is really astonishing, weight at 182g comparing to Brooks c17 at 464g still give a very sturdy feel. I like the short nose not putting too much pressure on the groin making long ride comfortable and enjoyable.

The white color looks good on water blue as well, personally I preferred it over the c17.

To the next upgrade, ride safe, have fun.

One thought on “Alternative Saddle for Brompton”

  1. I like the look of the white saddle, but decided to go with black to keep the bike less noticeable. I went with a UK brand that rates highly for comfort, the name is Fabric and the model is scoop race. It has titanium rails and you choose which one based on handlebar height in relation to the seat. Bars lower than seat you pick the flat model, bars even with saddle you pick the shallow, and for more casual upright riding you pick the radius. They make a white version too!

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