Cheap $13 Paraffin wax bike chain

The best part of Brompton is able to fold and go, probably can easily fit 2-3 of them on a SUV boot. But the oil and grease from the chain can be quite irritating, worst when it leave stain on the car boot.

A simple solution is to coat the chain with paraffin wax, not only give you a grease free chain also a smooth rolling chain.

You will need a slow cooker, can easily get one about $10 on carousell and also paraffin wax. I tried SILCA Secret Chain HOT MELT Wax (about $60 on amazon)on my roadie before so I decided to try something cheap this time. Generally all paraffin wax should work, however you want to get those in flakes so it’s easier to melt them. I bought this huge pack (1kg) of paraffin wax on Shopee for $13 only.

The chain need to be completely clean so the wax can be nicely coated on the chain. I heard lots of good feedback about SPARKS Super Strength Degreaser Spray, cost around $10 on shopee but I got a spare chain so I will skip the cleaning this time round.

First fill the pot with paraffin wax to a level enough to cover the chain and then heat it up till the wax is completely melted.

Then drop the chain into the wax so it is completely submerged, remember to drop the magic link in too. You should start to see bubble coming out which is a good sign, this mean the wax flowing through the chain joint and completely coat the chain. Leave it in the wax for about 15 min.

Next use a hook to hang the chain to dry, I use the S hook and hang it at my gate with newspaper below to catch all the dripping wax. It takes about 30min to dry and result a clean and smooth chain. No more chain tattoo and nasty grease mark in the car.

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