brooks c17 cambium classic saddle

Another upgrade for a more comfortable and longer ride, I decided to try out the popular Brooks cambium c17 saddle. After some comparison, Wiggle offer the best deal at est $120 SGD with free shipping. Shipping take about 7-10 days, If you do not want to wait it’s available at Outdoorlife at $50 dollar more.

$120 (free Shipping)$153 (free Shipping)$108.99 (Shipping $17.49)$179

Arrived in very nice packaging, the c17 are made of a natural rubber. Supposedly to be flexible, once season allow the rider to enjoy long ride without butt sore.

The saddle looks perfect on the bike, the Brooks logo on the back plate just make the Brompton look more classic. Take note, the saddle come in different width size make sure you measure your sit bone width to get the right size. I follow this video to measure my sit bone width.

*Update, after 3 x > 80km ride I still cannot get use to the c17 saddle. It’s hard with minimum flexibility, I just cannot seem to get the right position on it. Perhaps it needs more time to “breaking in” but in terms of aesthetic, definitely a saddle to go with the Brompton.

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