Best Phone Mount for Brompton

Phone mount is really useful while cycling, providing a stable and safe way to mount your phone to your bike allowing for navigation and notifications to be clearly visible while cycling. The typical phone mount design mount in the centre of the handlebars over the stem and typically compatible with all current handlebar types. Most of them require to stick an adapter behind the phone case or replace the phone case that come with an adapter.

I’m searching for a phone mount that can hold my huge iPhone 13 Max but at the same time doesn’t requirement to change the phone casing and allow me to fold the bicycle without causing any issue. Here’s some of the popular brand that I found and one that fit my requirements.

Quad Lock

Quad Lock is one of the most popular brand. Designed by Brompton, it come with a nice and sleek design. Come with 2 mounting points on the handle bar, it’s more stable and steady. But on a M or H bar it’s hard to get the right angle to twist and lock the phone in. Another things that I don’t like about it is the phone mount needs to be purchase separately and you need to change the phone casing in order to mount on it which I find it troublesome. The price is definitely on the high side at $90 SGD on shopee.

Trigo Mount 

Trigo is another interesting one that I found online (Amazon Link). It come with a plastic adapter to stick on the back of your phone case so technically no need to replace the phone casing. The adapter slot horizontally from top down so it works perfect for M and H bar. The down side is the mounting point is on the stem so you will need to unscrew the stem and slot it in between and lock it back, not as straight forward for beginner. I also dislike leaving the adapter at the back of my phone casing, making it very uncomfortable to carry around in the pocket when not cycling.

TRIGO Mobile Phone Mount TRP1820P - B-Spokes

Trigo Mount 

After searching around I found the ideal phone mount for me. Sukou phone mount come with an extended mount so it extend your phone forward giving a better visibility while cycling. The mount can be clamp on any part of the handlebar which is nice and also with the extended arm it make it easier to mount and dismount the phone on all type of handlebar. My favourite part is there’s no need to replace the phone case or stick anything on the phone, it come with a hard rubbery adapter that can be rubber strap on the phone. Another plus point is the price, selling at only $10 SGD on shopee.

The installation was very simple so I will not go into detail. After installation, it kind of get into the way when folding the stem, it prevent the stem from locking properly but because it can be mount at any part of the handlebar and I’m using a straight bar, shifting it a little bit solve the problem. The rubber strap does obstruct the top and bottom of your phone but it’s not a big problem for me since I usually only look at google map only while cycling and does not message or anything like that. (Can be dangerous!). It’s unexpectedly steady and firm, I did a 50km ride over bumpy road, jumping up and down curbs and my phone stay firmly on the mount.

Overall very happy with the purchase and definitely recommended !

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