Alternative Saddle for Brompton

The Brooks C17 is aesthetically pleasing on the Brompton giving a very classic english look, but really not the right saddles for me. I really like the Boira Duopower, the no-nose design reducing pressure in the groin area giving a more comfortable long ride, But it’s sold out everywhere.

I ended up going back to Selle Italia, an Italian brand and they make very good saddles primary very popular for road bikers. Wiggle carry a good range of Selle Italia saddles and I found the Novus Boost Superflow at a super good price.

The quality of the saddle is really astonishing, weight at 182g comparing to Brooks c17 at 464g still give a very sturdy feel. I like the short nose not putting too much pressure on the groin making long ride comfortable and enjoyable.

The white color looks good on water blue as well, personally I preferred it over the c17.

To the next upgrade, ride safe, have fun.

Cheap $13 Paraffin wax bike chain

The best part of Brompton is able to fold and go, probably can easily fit 2-3 of them on a SUV boot. But the oil and grease from the chain can be quite irritating, worst when it leave stain on the car boot.

A simple solution is to coat the chain with paraffin wax, not only give you a grease free chain also a smooth rolling chain.

You will need a slow cooker, can easily get one about $10 on carousell and also paraffin wax. I tried SILCA Secret Chain HOT MELT Wax (about $60 on amazon)on my roadie before so I decided to try something cheap this time. Generally all paraffin wax should work, however you want to get those in flakes so it’s easier to melt them. I bought this huge pack (1kg) of paraffin wax on Shopee for $13 only.

The chain need to be completely clean so the wax can be nicely coated on the chain. I heard lots of good feedback about SPARKS Super Strength Degreaser Spray, cost around $10 on shopee but I got a spare chain so I will skip the cleaning this time round.

First fill the pot with paraffin wax to a level enough to cover the chain and then heat it up till the wax is completely melted.

Then drop the chain into the wax so it is completely submerged, remember to drop the magic link in too. You should start to see bubble coming out which is a good sign, this mean the wax flowing through the chain joint and completely coat the chain. Leave it in the wax for about 15 min.

Next use a hook to hang the chain to dry, I use the S hook and hang it at my gate with newspaper below to catch all the dripping wax. It takes about 30min to dry and result a clean and smooth chain. No more chain tattoo and nasty grease mark in the car.

Front Carrier Block

The front bag are really practical add-on for all Brompton, very useful when you want to carry things around while cycling.

Brompton B75 doesn’t come with a front carrier block so before I can get a bag, I will need to fix a carrier block first. The other range of Brompton should come with a black plastic front carrier block which works for all the Brompton front bag and most of the after market bags but if you want to get something matching, there are variety of colours for you to choose from.

Don’t under estimate this little piece of block, some could cost up to $80 SGD ! Check out this H&H front carrier block . The block weigh average 70~80g and the design are all identical, furthermore it’s not visible after attaching a bag. Therefore I don’t really think it’s worth to spend too much money on it. I think as long as it’s compatible to most of the bags, any block will serve the purpose. So after some research, I found one at only $20 SGD on Shopee. It’s by this brand Muqzi which come in 5 different colour, weigh about 68g and took only 5 days to arrive.

Installation is very straight forward, it will take probably about 5-10 mins.

First remove the original screws, if the bicycle doesn’t come with it, it’s totally fine. The front block carrier should come with 2 compatible screws.

Installation is easy, it will take probably about 5-10 mins.

First remove the original screws, if the bicycle doesn’t come with it, it’s totally fine. The front block carrier should come with 2 compatible screws.

Next screw the base into the nose, follow by the plate onto the base.

That’s it, easy and cheap add-on.