The Brompton B75

I started cycling way long long ago, as far as I remember my first self owned bicycle is a black Cannondale 27.5 trail bike. Although it’s a MTB, suppose to get dirty in Bukit Timah trail, I never ride with it on a trail before. Most of the time riding with group on road doing half or round island and that’s explain how the bike got sold after a few months.
That’s when the hobby get seriously, invested in my first road bike a Felt F95 Garmin edition.So I start to learn about drafting, important of aerodynamics and becoming a weight weenie. I got another Colnago road bike due to my height and to better match my riding posture but it doesn’t last long as well. I ended up selling all the bikes and invested in a German road bike “Storck Scenero G2“, very stiff and aggressive geometry carbon bike at affordable price. For people that are into roadies, I highly recommend to it out. I got mine from but not sure if they still carry it, they also shutdown the shop along Thong Soon Avenue so probably hard to find a Culture Storck in Singapore now. That’s pretty much the evolution of my road bicycle and the hobby last me for years. I join my kakis at least twice a week and occasionally for oversea trips. The best part about this cycling group is that they are super organised, there are rules and regulation to follow in order to be part of the group. They brief you about hand signals, route that we are riding, ensure everyone have their safety equipments, making sure everyone ride safely according to traffic regulations and trying our best not to affect the traffic. Yet the unfortunate happen, we crashed into a lorry along Changi Coastal Road during one of the RI ride. Many was badly injured and I was fortunate to escape with minor bruises, It was devastating event for me and ended my road biking journey since then.
Well, but it still doesn’t stop my enthusiasm for bicycle therefore I decided to pickup foldable bicycle. The whole idea of riding on PCN at a much slower speed and still get to explore different part of Singapore is just too interesting not to do it. And with foldies, you basically can just fold and dump it in your car boot or hop on into public transport, very portable and easy to move around with it. I bought a Tern Link P9 for a start, very nice foldable bicycle with 6 speeds allow you to ride on different terrain with no problem. The only thing I don’t like is the way it fold, I will elaborate more in another post. So following the trend, I got myself a tri fold bicycle, 3sixty. It looks and fold like a Brompton, come with sturmey archer internal hub just like Brompton but half the price of a Brompton. Interestingly when you strip it apart beside a Brompton, you will realize the different. I will share in details the differences I observed between these 2 bicycles in my next post, for now that’s how I ended up with a Brompton B75.

Brompton B75